[Konference] Moderní stack vol. 4

19.10.2023 16:00

Čtvrtý ročník se vrací do industriálních Dolních Vítkovic. 19.10.2023, tedy ve čtvrtek se potkáme v kině ETÁŽ! Začínáme v 16:00. Zvolili jsme tuto lokaci s cílem vytvořit komornější atmosféru, která podpoří kvalitní a rozsáhlé diskuze mezi všemi účastníky konference.

**Umělá inteligence a DevOps** – dvě klíčová témata letošního ročníku. Definují současný směr technologického vývoje. Ti, kdo zanedbávají význam a potenciál AI, riskují že zaostanou. Proto s námi vstupte do budoucnosti a zajistěte si konkurenční výhodu.

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Language Models and Artificial Inteligence

In this talk, I will delve into the evolution and advancements in AI chatbots, from scripted dialogues to sophisticated language models of today, as exemplified by our award-winning Alexa Prize chatbot. However, with evolution comes new challenges. One such challenge is the susceptibility of these systems to adversarial attacks. My research has delved into the pressing issue of adversarial attacks and the need for robust defenses in AI systems. As we navigate this landscape, the question of achieving human-level AI remains. I’ll share insights from my research into evolutionary algorithms and sugar search, an innovative approach favoring divergence over convergence, offering a potential solution.


Jaroslav BEZDĚK


Shaping Elasticsearch for Recommendation System

Recommendation systems are often perceived as complex and costly to develop and maintain, requiring specialized expertise and infrastructure. However, I will demonstrate that a recommendation system can be built using the open-source tool Elasticsearch, which is a powerful search engine.



When Developer and Development Environment Go Their Separate Ways

In an era where software development is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, development teams are on the lookout for ways to streamline and simplify their workflows. One of the pivotal steps we took to achieve this was migrating from a Linux-based local development environment to a cloud-based solution. This transition allowed us to decouple the development environment from the developer’s software and hardware, leading to greater flexibility, quicker problem-solving, and more efficient resource utilization.

In our presentation, we’ll share insights into our transition journey, the challenges we faced, and the valuable lessons we’ve learned. We’ll demonstrate how a cloud-based approach enables developers to work from any device with internet access, thereby boosting productivity and fostering more efficient global collaboration. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of such decoupling. Finally, we will delve into who would best benefit from this approach and who might want to steer clear.



Supercharge Your DevOps with AI: The Next Evolution of Automation

In the fast-paced world of DevOps, where rapid and reliable software delivery is paramount, staying ahead of the curve is no small feat. Enter the era of AI-driven DevOps, the next step in maximizing the power and efficiency of your operations. Imagine AI as your ultimate scriptwriter, crafting tailored deployment scripts for each project based on unique needs and constraints, all while adhering to best practices and your common templates. No more one-size-fits-all scripts; your AI companion crafts bespoke configurations, making ‚template fatigue‘ a thing of the past.

As we navigate the complex maze of Jenkins pipeline builds, envision AI as the Sherlock Holmes of your build failures. When a build fails, the detective work begins—but with AI by your side, you have a precise and efficient investigator. Your AI assistant sifts through logs, analyzing error messages, and contextualizes this information to pinpoint not only what went wrong but why it happened. Beyond identifying the issue, it proposes actionable solutions to get your pipelines flowing smoothly again, only sounding the alarm when a pod failure occurs and demands attention.

Join us for „Supercharge Your DevOps with AI“—a thrilling deep-dive into the future of DevOps, where AI doesn’t replace your team but amplifies their capabilities to new heights. Be prepared to leave with your mind expanded, your toolset upgraded, and your enthusiasm for the next wave of DevOps innovation ignited! By the end of this vibrant and engaging talk, you will:

Understand the potential of AI as a powerful, adaptive tool in DevOps, capable of learning, reasoning, and acting proactively.
Gain insights into real-world applications of AI in script generation and build analysis.
Learn how to integrate AI agents into your current DevOps workflow, empowering your team to work smarter, not harder.